Water heaters Repairs Long Island


Water Heaters Repairs and installation :

We use water heaters on a daily basis. What If some day the heater pours only cold water? In such situation, you are left without a choice but to heat the water with other means. This is unnecessarily time taking and requires extra efforts. So, rather going through all the hassle, why not just give us a call? Our expert team of water heater professionals will provide a quick solution. Our experts are thoroughly trained to repair water heaters from every available brand.  If required, we also install new heaters. PP Cousin Plumbing Mechanical Inc is most preferred plumbing service provider in  Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island in NY as we offer you the finest water heater repair and installation service for the affordable prices. We can install all kinds of heaters from the best brands as per your demand and price. Our experts will provide you the maintenance services for the water heaters installed by us.

Queens Drain Repair


Drain Repair :

PP Cousin Plumbing Mechanical Inc provides drain repair services in Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island in NY. Our skilled drain repair experts can repair any issue with your drain, regardless of its cause. Your drainage system can get collapsed or fractured due to aging or periods of drought. Sometimes, prolonged rain or tree roots can also have an ill-effect on your drainage system by causing cracks to appear. Whatever the cause, PP Cousin Plumbing Mechanical Inc specialists are fully equipped and thoroughly trained to deal with every cause. When we are there to serve, you can be completely sure that your drains will be repaired quickly and correctly.

Queens Drain cleaning


Drain Cleaning :

Have you ever wondered why your kitchen sink suddenly starts overflowing, and you become totally clueless about your next action? Even if you understand the cause, do you know how to remove the blockage? Your clogged bathroom drainage water outlet can also cause you a lot of irritation! The main cause for such water blocking is 'hairs!'. Hairs can cause severe drainage blocking issues.On your call, our team of drain cleaning professionals will visit your place and quickly diagnose the cause of the blockage. After the diagnosis, they can easily clear the drainage pipes using modern plumbing tools. Before leaving, we will make sure to give you back the perfectly functioning and free flowing sinks and bathrooms.

Plumbing Services Queens


Plumbing Services :

Either it's your house or office, We at, PP Cousin Plumbing Mechanical Inc provide every kind of plumbing service in Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island in NY.Our team of skilled plumbing professionals caters to your every kind of plumbing system needs such as frozen pipes, jammed taps, leaking sink pipes, and much more.If you are facing plumbing issues, small or big, you name it, and our team has a solution for the problem. Our plumbing professionals bear extensive industry experience and unmatched plumbing skills which help them to diagnose and deal with a broad range of plumbing assignments in short span.

Sewer service Queens


Sewer service :

Do you home have an aging, cracked or corroded sewer or water line? A choked drainage or sewage pipe is probably the worst thing you want in your house. NY-based PP Cousin Plumbing Mechanical Inc can do thorough inspection equipment to get a quick diagnosis of your sewer issues. Our trenchless technologies also assist us to provide you an efficient sewer repair or replacement service without leaving any sewer mess for you to clean.